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Optima installed a variety of products into One New Change for International Financial Solutions Company Friends Provident, including our new Revoltuion 54 system.


Porducts Installed were:

  • OPTIMA 117 single glazing

  • Framed single glazed doors in Microflush door frames

  • Kinetic sliding doors

  • REVOLUTION 54 mullion free double glazed fins and screen

  • 54mm rebated Timber doors in Microflush and Timber frames

  • Single glazed double door sets

  • Room booking system

Prod description

Optima 117 plus is a single glazed partition system sharing a common design concept and many common components within the entire Optima portfolio.

Prod description

Optima provides a range of single glazed doors. Please see the below frameless sliding door options:

  • Kinetic 'Lite' Frameless Sliding Doors
  • Kinetic 'Seal' Frameless Sliding Doors

For advice when specifying our partitioning systems please contact our team of Technical Account Managers who are always on hand to help you.

Email us or call (01494) 492725