Achilles Accreditation

Optima Contracting is fully accredited to the now recognised industry standard of the Achilles – Building Confidence Scheme. The scheme includes a wide range of accreditation criteria in regards to UK contracting. These include Quality, Reliability, Social Responsibility as well as the Environment. Compliance to the Achilles accreditation ensures global sustainable procurement which reinforces Optima’s own procurement philosophy and values.

Optima Embodied Carbon Calculator

Optima has created its own Embodied Carbon Calculator. Using the Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE) database developed by Bath University. Optima has developed software which enables accurate calculation of the embodied carbon of materials used on site. The software is now being piloted on new projects. This section will be regularly updated with the latest news regarding these projects.

Carbon Emissions

Optima’s concern with the company’s impact on society and the environment is further reinforced with a commitment to reduce our CO2 emissions by 18% over the next five years.

Environmental Sustainability Register

Optima's proactive contribution to the environment has been further enhanced recently with the development and publication of the Optima Sustainability Register. Optima has successfully obtained the current and key environmental information from all key suppliers required to satisfy BREAM, LEED and SKA requirements.

BREEAM Ratings

Working closely with The Building Research Establishment and in accordance with the detail of “BRE Guide to BREEAM ratings” Optima has recently established the BREEAM Ratings for all systems. Please contact the Technical Sales Team for more information.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

A simple three point initiative is implemented throughout all Optima’s manufacturing facilities. This consists of:
  • The design of demountable and re-locatable partitioning systems where possible

  • Ensuring all products can be dismantled at the end of their useful life and recycled appropriately

  • Training to ensure waste is minimised during installations and the encouragement of installers to adopt a suitable site waste management plan

Optima is committed to behaving ethically, safeguarding the environment and using our skills to make a lasting contribution to communities and supporting charities.